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  Last update: June 30th, 2009  
"Volamos Sueños"
Our desires to cooperate with the social development of the countries where we operate are greater and greater. This is how our program “Volamos Sueños” was created in 2003, wich objective is to provide courtesy transportation airwaybills (without cost) to charities or to help communities that are related to our corporate philosophy.
Thanks to “Volamos Sueños” we have contributed with the following transportation:
  • Condors in danger of extinction, from the United States to Colombia
  • Computers donated in the United States for the program of the Colombian Government titled “Computadores para Educar”
  • Sculptures of the “Corazón Verde” Foundation in Colombia for charity auctions in the United States
  • Advertising material for the “Matamoros” Golf Tournament in Miami in favor of Colombian soldiers wounded in war
  • Donations of clothing and toys from the United States for indigenous communities in Colombia
  • Donations of clothing and toys from the United States for schools in communities with very little resources in Colombia
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